At Fuego Flame Fireplaces, we offer a line of luxury fireplaces that exceed the customers expectations on performance, quality, efficiency and beauty. And with our recent addition of new facing styles, we have added one more reason to purchase our products.

Performance & Features


Performance & Features

  • Extremely efficient

  • High heat - up to 50,000 BTU's per hour

  • Operates with damper 95% closed

  • 1/3 wood consumption of standard inserts

  • Up to 3,000 square feet heated with one fireplace

  • Dual Fuel - gas or wood capabilities

  • Captures all smoke up the chimney

  • Large viewing area

  • 24 carat gold options

Decorative Framing & Trim
You now have more options to fit the decor and warmth of your own home.

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